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Everyday Yoga: Use these exercises at your desk to help alleviate the strain of working at the computer. Anyone can do these simple exercises. They only take a few minutes and you can do them at your desk. Come on, try them now!

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RSI Yoga: Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress disorders are preventable. The best possible scenario is never to develop symptoms, to work intelligently and to respect your body's needs. These simple and fun exercises will help you keep your computer from getting the best of you! Try them now!

Try our new Warm ups! My Tai Chi Chu’an teacher often said, “every day,” meaning that we should practice every day without fail.

I’ve found that if I warm up and stretch before my regular activities begin, I can set myself up for a calmer, happier, more productive day. Try them now!

* The fine print: These exercises are suggested exercises which may help prevent and heal CTS and RSI. But if you are experiencing any symptoms, such as pain or burning in your hands, wrists or forearms, you should give your hands a rest and see a health professional before attempting these exercises. And while these exercises may be helpful, they are no substitute for personal care from your doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist or other professional. Our lawyers tell us we need to say that these exercises are provided as-is, with no warranties expressed or implied.

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