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Sites of Interest

Iyengar Yoga US National Association
A comprehensive site about Iyengar Yoga. Teacher listings, books, videos and more.Has a teachers directory of all certified Iyengar Yoga teachers in the US as well as some international listings.

Yoga Journal
The home page for the magazine Yoga Journal which includes a teachers directory, current articles and archived articles. Look for “
Yoga Cure for Headaches” by Ellen Serber in the Health section.

Stretchware is the ergonomic software that reminds you to stretch, developed by stretching expert Bob Anderson, author of the best-selling fitness book, Stretching. You can easily customize the software to remind you to do up to 14 exercises, at timed intervals you set. Excellent for anyone who works at a computer and forgets to take regular breaks! Also good for corporate ergonomic programs.
Take a look!

Moving into stillness
A web site featuring Erich Schiffman, a Yoga teacher from Southern California. Many personal reflections about Yoga as well as a good introduction to asanas (postures.) Also includes a good links page.

from the University of California at San Francisco is one of the best resources on the web for those suffering from CTS and RSI.

Natural Typing without Pain
Typing without RSI: This a pianist, computer buff and successful teacher discovered Natural Typing to help colleagues overcome repetitive strain injury. He outlines his unique method in his e-book, for sale on his site.

Yoga Props
An excellent site devoted to selling books, videos, and props to aid Yoga practice.

Feathered Pipe Ranch
Feathered Pipe Ranch has many years of experience in summer Yoga workshops at their beautiful Montana ranch. They have great teachers in a wonderful environment. They are also offering group travel to exotic locations with well-known Yoga teachers.

Yoga Point
Offers online courses, comprehensive theory on yoga and lots more.

RSI Warrior
Ergonomics software package which helps computer users prevent and recover from computer-related Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Ergonomic Stretching software
Reminds you to stretch. Then shows you how! A timer reminds you at intervals you set. Also includes music.


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