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Full Body Stretch


Here are some yoga-based exercises which you can do in the office during the course of the day to help prevent carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries. Hold the positions for a few breaths and let the stretch increase but do not force it. The most important part of each exercise is to become aware of your body and your breathe.

1. Full body stretch at the wall & Stretching the shoulders

Stand up facing the wall and reach your fingers up as far as you can. While you stretch up also stretch down by placing your feet firmly into the floor. Firm up your legs, extend the side of the torso and bring the shoulder blades towards the wall. Breathe fully as you stretch, walking your fingers up the wall.stretch against wall

Move little away from the wall so that your torso is diagonal to your hips and press both palms into the wall equally. Press into the ground with your feet, firm up your legs and release your tailbone away from the wall. Lift up the ribs and let your head drop slightly. You can also do this with the back of a chair. Place your hands on the chair and walk back until your torso is extended parallel with the floor. Firm up the legs, lift up your abdominal muscles and lift the ribs while releasing the spine, tailbone away from the chair and top of the spine towards it.

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