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"Anyone who's ever been married, or even known a person of the opposite sex, will love these stories. Non-stop hilarity from start to finish!" The author's wife (well, she would, wouldn't she).

"Hilarious! My wife and I couldn't stop laughing. Will-Harris is like the literary love child of Dave Barry and David Sedaris." Rob Lowrey

"Will-Harris is convulsively, dangerous, read-out-loud
funny. Read him to the drive of a moving var at your own
peril." Sheila Benson

"Hilarious! I laughed the whole way through." Steve Ford

"I love, love, love these stories!" Barbara Delgado

"I read them at my desk and laughed so loud my co-workers thought I was crazy—until they read them and laughed out loud, too!" Sheryl Osburn

"I had tears of laughter running down my cheeks." John Stanley

"I was having a bad day then your stories made me laugh—and turned the whole day around." Terry Jones

"Hysterical! My wife and I laughed for 10 minutes!" Pat Daley

"Your stories are the dessert of my day!" Susan Montgomery

My Wife and Times book coverHusbands and wives—a story as old as time and as new as J. Lo and whoever it is she's married to this month.

Daniel Will-Harris spins a hilarious new take on this age-old subject, tackling everyday topics from tiny BBQs to giant chickens; putting up shelves to putting down cookies; puppies to panic; curtains to karma.

The stories are conveniently short, perfect for bedtime reading, while you're waiting for the interweb to work so you can check your lovemoney.com account, or between airport friskings. "Anybody who has ever had a relationship-- or parents-- will find familiar situation in this book that will make them smile and laugh. There may be things that you could swear you or your significant other have said before, bickered about or bonded over before. That's the beauty of this book. Get yours today! Get some for you friends and family too. Everybody needs a good giggle once in a while. "

Will-Harris says "You're going to look back and laugh at this someday." That's something I tell myself and what I do in these stories—rewrite the past and change shock to shtick, transform tears to laughter. 

I call it What's "LOLchemy" a combination of LOL (the web acronym for "laughing out loud") and alchemy.

50,000 Internet readers already agree, recommending their friends to Will-Harris' site and e-mail list. That's why they're among the most popular and fastest-growing story sites and lists on the web.

The book is available as 248 page softcover edition
or as an
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While we'd like to take money in any negotiable form such as stocks, bonds or shells--our bank only accepts checks (or credit cards, in which case, order online above).

Important note for orders from outside the US: I cannot accept international checks--but we can accept international postal money orders in US Dollars.

Make checks out to Daniel Will-Harris (or my good friend "Cash") and send them to:

Daniel Will-Harris
Box 1209
Point Reyes, CA 94956

Important: Make sure to include your e-mail address with your order.

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