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No, I'm not calling you, of all people, stupid. You're obviously WAY above average to have had the foresight to subscribe to the FuseLetter. But enough about you, let's talk about me... OK, enough about me, let's talk about Roger Parker. Roger's sold more books about design than anyone I know of, including myself. So I figured, if I couldn't fight him, I'd join him, and now he's sharing his vast cornucopia of knowledge with all of us. This month he's written an extremely practical piece that should be of interest to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced designers. Roger's a big fan of the "KISS" method of design. KISS stands for (among other things), "Keep it Simple, Stupid," and it's the mantra many good designers use to create their most successful designs. This article gives you five goals to follow: efficiency, branding, simplicity, easy navigation, and speed. Then it provides three steps to success. He gives you a blueprint you can follow to easily create a simple, elegant, effective web site.

Why is it that some books have you eagerly turning the pages after your bedtime and other books work like sleeping pills? Partly, it's style. Why is William Faulkner revered by many English majors and Mad magazine by other people? Style. What rhymes with Lyle and is as important as the Nile? Style. In the third of Christopher Meek's very popular column, Write Away, he gives you eight simple ways to give your writing more style, so it's more interesting, more fun to read, and more persuasive.

Everyone who has ever had to work with anyone other than just themselves (which means all of us!) knows that everyone has a different way of doing things. Peter Vedro, who I think of as a "humanist" because he's so good at working with humans (who are notoriously hard to work with—much harder than with computers!) has come up with some group exercises to help everyone realize that "everybody's 'north' is different." It's a fun, interesting, informative, and truly useful exercise that I experienced with a group he lead, and asked him to share with you. So read this column, and try it the next time you get your group together, whatever that group is. You'll have a great time, and learn a lot, too.


That headline has nothing whatsoever to do with this article, but I found it amusing (and sometimes you have to amuse yourself first), and I thought it might attract your attention. JD's latest piece explains how your intranet site better be easy to navigate if you expect anyone to actually use it. She says, "You could have the meaning of life and the cure for cancer on your site, but what good would it do if no one could figure out how to get there?" Exactly.



Having a hard time getting your site listed on Yahoo? You're not a alone. Because Yahoo still adds sites by hand (rather than by microchip), it can take months for a site to get listed. I was recently frustrated when I wanted to add the site of Brian Stokes Mitchell (http://www.brianstokes.com ), a Tony award-nominated Broadway performer and star of "Ragtime." It took me almost nine months. I finally wrote them e-mail complaining they'd listed web sites for people's cats, but this talented Broadway performer couldn't get his glamorous site listed. Sheesh!

Now, if you've submitted your site and don't see it listed within 10 days, you can email url-support@yahoo-inc.com for help. Send the exact URL you listed. If you were asking for a listing change, you need to include the date of your listing change. Yahoo stresses that this address won't give you preferential treatment, it will just make sure they follow up. Yahoo asks that you don't use this address for more than 5 URLs per week.

If you have an e-commerce site, you can pay $199 to join "Yahoo Business Express" which guarantees a yes or no answer as to whether your site will be listed. It costs $199. For more info about this, see http://www.yahoo.com/info/suggest/busexpress.html

For more useful search site tips like this, see our article on Search Site Basics.

and visit Search Engine Watch at: http://www.searchenginewatch.com !

http://www.webpartner.com/WebPartner.htm – tells you how fast your site is, compared with other sites, e-mails you if your site is down for any reason. And it's free.

If you'd like to read an interview I did about web site usability (and NetObjects Fusion), visit John Rhode's informative :WebWord: Usability and the Internet" web site at http://webword.com/interviews/willharris.html

I hope you'll visit eFuse soon. Talk to you again in about two weeks.

Daniel Will-Harris



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