New Millennium Resolutions (Or Not)

OK, so we're all still here. Well at least most of us. I'm not saying we're "all here," I mean, my wife often says I'm "not all here," so why should I expect more of you? But if we're not living in the moment then at least we're doing a good impression of someone who is.

So, since the power is still on and food is still in stores (if not your refrigerator), then it's back to the normal New Year routine—making resolutions you have no intention of keeping then feeling guilty about not keeping them and eating ice cream.

But now there's added pressure. We can't just make a New Year's resolution, but also New Century and New Millennium resolutions, too! Where will it end!

My personal resolution is to lose weight by the end of the century. I'm pretty sure I can manage this if I'm not too specific about details. Also, losing weight really isn't a great resolution, being healthy is. But I digress.

My mother called saying that she saw on TV that I'd live to be 150. I'm not sure what I was doing on TV in Arizona without my knowledge. But maybe it was just "people of my generation" rather than me in particular. I can only hope.

Personally, the only way I think I'll see 2105 is as a brain in a jar with electrodes. And that's my idea of a bad hair day.

But who knows, maybe there'll be brain transplants by then, and I'll be able to stuff my brain into a clone of Ricky Martin. It could happen. Of course, all that wiggling might lead to the need for hip replacements, but again, I digress.

OK, so brain transplants are out, which means I'm relieved of having to make new century and millennium resolutions. But I do have some resolutions for this year:

  • Focus completely on attaining my lifelong dream of being named Motor Trend's Sport Ute of the year.
  • Eat only foods that begin with the letter C
  • Go to Sweden and find out what a Sport Ute is.
  • Come up with new names for bread and pizza that start with a "C" *
  • End world hunger
  • See "Galaxy Quest" again.
  • Establish lasting world peace.
  • Learn English as a second language.
  • Produce La Traviata with computer animated rodents.
  • Find a publisher for my "Wallet Reading" book (unfortunately, this one is not a joke).
  • Become a Solid Gold dancer.
  • Protect the oysters of the world.
  • Be kind and loving. Yadda yadda yadda.

That about covers it. Happy New Year!


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