Choose Hope

My hope for the next election

Before every election, I hope the world will become a better place. With all the insanity of the last four years, I sometimes found it easier to be angry than hopeful. But I also remembered the proverb, "where your mind goes, your body follows," and decided if I wanted to see a more positive future, I'd have to start by imagining one.

So I'm visualizing a world where everyone is more hopeful about the future.

Next year I hope to see a world . . .

  • Where truth is more important than ideology.
  • Where our "values" mean we don't measure everything in dollars and cents and people come before profit.
  • Where we realize that health, family, and the "land we love" are priceless.
  • Where we spend less on killing people and more on teaching them.
  • Where we stop being driven by terror and start driving ourselves towards a truly secure future.
  • Where we stop being afraid to speak up and are once again free to speak out.
  • Where we stop spoiling for war and start working toward peace.
  • Where leadership is more important than playing politics.
  • Where "we the people" don't just listen to what leaders say, we hold them accountable for what they do.
  • Where we stop making our children pay for our mistakes.
  • Where facts, instead of opinion and polls, find their way back into the news.
  • Where lies are once again called lies and not "spin," and we strive to find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  • Where we stop undermining and start understanding.
  • Where fear and paranoia aren't disguised as "security."
  • Where governments stop working against us, and start working FOR us.
  • Where we stop accepting immoral acts by our own leaders, even when they claim God is on their side.
  • Where real freedom rings, in all its forms: Freedom from fear; Freedom from ignorance; Freedom from oppression; Freedom from discrimination; Freedom from want.
  • Where we realize we're all in this together, and that our future is closer than we think.
  • Where we remember what FDR said: The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

So don't be afraid, be hopeful. Then turn your hope into reality. VOTE.

Daniel Will-Harris

(I truly believe we need to remember what this, and all elections are about—hope that the future will be better. This one, in particular, is about truth, justice and the return of the American way)

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One Final Word

Every vote counts (this time). And remember, the truth shall make you free.




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