You probably didn't expect to hear from me this soon.

Well, first—happy holidays, whatever those holidays are! Next, we've got some holiday goodies for you—some FREE seamless background tiles for your web pages designed exclusively for eFuse.com readers by Gary David Bouton. Did I mention they're FREE. How do you get them? Read on a bit...

As a charter member (yes, you're one of the select group of charter members), we've got a special opportunity for you—the chance to win a personalized review of your Web site by me, Daniel Will-Harris, the editor of http://www.eFuse.com

I know you're probably half-crazed with the holidays at the moment, but if you could just take a few minutes to answer a few questions, you could win this personal site review. And this isn't like entering some huge contest where your chances of winning are less than those of being struck by a polar bear named "Lightning." Even though thousands of people have already signed up, your odds of winning are still pretty high.

So, if you don't mind, please visit our survey and give me your two cents worth. Hey, I'm listening, even if your friends, co-workers or elected representatives aren't :) Why am I asking these questions? Because I want to know what you think about eFuse.com and NetObjects Fusion. I want to know, because you're the person I'm trying to please, so when you tell me what you like or don't, I've got a better chance of making you happy. Nothing wrong with that, is there? The contest ends December 31, as does the year (in case you were confused).


Want to add full-text searching to your site for free?

It used to be that if you wanted full-text search you had to buy expensive software and run your own server, so most sites don't offer their visitors this very useful and important feature.

But now you can use Master.com—a free service that indexes every word of your site, then lets your site visitors search your site and easily find what they're looking for. That's what we use on eFuse.com on our Find page. It works with any site on any server (as long as your e-mail address is the same as the domain of your site), and it's easy (just visit and sign up and then add a little HTML to your site) and it's free. How's that for a holiday present for your site and your site visitors!

Want to add complex forms without programming?

I used to shy away from forms because I'm not a programmer and I couldn't figure out CGI, the programming language most often used to handle complex forms. Well, now you can create easily create forms and have the results e-mailed to you, using simple HTML.

Go to http://www.response-o-matic.com—it's an easy system that does it all for you. Yes, there are some instructions to read, but it's really pretty simple and basic. Hey, programming is one thing that always gives me a headache, and I was able to use this system in just a few minutes—and it actually worked! It's what I used for this month's "your two cents" poll.

Daniel Will-Harris



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