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I’m Daniel.

I’m a writer who’s developed a new method called “Subliminal Fiction” that helps you write better, faster, while having more fun.

You can read my “autobiographies of other people” to read stories I’ve written with this method. Then sign up to find out when I’ll teaching workshops (online and in-person)

I’m also a designer and actor who’s been mistaken for Santa Claus. Swam with dolphins. Tap danced for royalty. Made movies. Made pizza. Written books. Written songs. Sung songs. Sung for my supper. Done over-the-top improv and under-the-radar performance art. Designed watches you can find in MoMA and the Guggenheim.

Short Attention Span Bio

  • Writer (over 300,000 books sold). Current writing www.subliminos.com - epic yet short stories using my "Subliminal Fiction" method. Editor (books, web sites, screenplays).
  • Product & fashion designer: See my unique wristwatch designs. Currently working on a revolutionary hybrid of jewelry and technology designed to actually make you feel better.
  • Designer: (Logos, Visual Branding, Book Covers, Web) See my portfolio here. Clients include: Addison Wesley, The Alaska Federation of Natives, Bitstream, Columbia Pictures Television, Corel, IBM, Industrial Light & Magic, LinkTV, Microsoft, NetObjects, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster, the State of California, The Government of Sweden, Twentieth Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, WordPerfect, ViaFone, and Xerox. Worked with IBM’s Strategic Web Design Group.
  • Actor: Check out my IMDB page. I’ve been in films, TV shows, stage plays and musicals, webisodes and live extravaganzas.
  • Producer:
  • Walletologist: Invented technique that’s like palm reading only using wallets. It actually works! Have read celebity wallets including Mark Hamill.
  • Typography expert, created www.EsperFonto.com
  • Video tutorial host (have been packaged with Dr. Ruth and Prince)


Here’s a peek into my watch design studio:

daniel will the workshop from joan on Vimeo.



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